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Crew Scheduling Challenge

Planning complexity leads to loss of efficiency. Many crew-tasks must be scheduled in time and respect labor rules. Planners face a lot of tedious routine work. Timetable changes invalidate planning. Tools provide only semi-automatic help. Manual planning is very time consuming: weeks per depot and months overall.

Grand Scheduler

Our "Grand Scheduler" is a high performance optimizer, especially designed to solve the most intricate scheduling problems. Challenge us! Speed-up by our mathematical insights. Large-scale parallelization. Large-scale scheduling.

Cloud Computation

The optimization is run seamlessly on our high performance compute cloud, sparing your resources. Unlimited parallel runs. High performance hardware for optimization. Operated by us, so you don't have to.

Customer Tool Integration

Our "Grand Scheduler" will be integrated seamlessly into your existing tool at low risk and high planner acceptance. Smart-up existing software. Low project risk. High end-user acceptance.

Algorithm 20x faster

We have thought the crew scheduling completely anew. We invented a very fast algorithm - actually up to 20-30 times faster than existing optimizers for crew scheduling. This allows fast crew planning with our "Grand Scheduler" optimization engine. Evaluation of planning variants. More efficient schedules.


"The Algomia optimizer is both seamlessly integrated with the existing planning software and is able to be deployed independently. The runtime and quality of results open up new opportunities on how we can approach our daily business."

Jonas Jacot
Product Manager
Swiss Railway Industry

About Us

Since our inception, we have been engaged in data-driven innovations as well as algorithm-based solutions and methods. Our primary field of expertise is the development and implementation of optimizers, especially for crew scheduling.

Talk to Alexander

Alexander Souza is the founder and CEO of Algomia. He has many years of professional experience in the optimization and software industry. He holds a doctorate degree from the ETH Zurich and is a professor for algorithms at the University of Zurich.


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We contribute to the academic community, by conference participation and by teaching algorithmic topics on a regular basis at the University of Zurich. Our prior work has led to publications in the computer science, mathematics, and health care domain. We believe that life-long learning is the basis for successful innovation.

Join Us?

Are you passionate about algorithms? Data science? Programming? Do you want to work on challenging projects in the logistics, health care, or legal domain? Then we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV to Alexander Souza.

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