We teach algorithmic topics at the University of Zurich on a regular basis.

Combinatoral and Approximation Algorithms

InstructorDr. Alexander Souza
Contact alexander@algomia.com
Lecture Noteshere
Exercise Sheetshere
Introductory Slideshere
WeekdaysTuesday 8:15-9:45
Thursday 8:15-9:45
Exercisesbiweekly, see schedule below
AdmissionHalf of the exercise problems must be worked on (serious attempt) for admission to the exam.
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This lecture covers central and classical results in the area of combinatorial optimization. In particular, the design and analysis of "combinatorial" as well as "approximation" algorithms are treated.

"Combinatorial algorithms" are exact and (mostly) polynomial-time methods, often based on dynamic programming, graphs, and linear programs.

"Approximation algorithms" produce (potentially sub-optimal) feasible solutions for (usually NP-hard) computational problems. The quality of these solutions is determined by comparison against an optimal solution.

The analysis will be an important and integral part. That is, we will not only state the properties of an algorithm, e.g. its correctness or running time, but also prove them mathematically.

In particular, we plan to treat the following topics:
  1. Introduction
  2. Greedy Algorithms: Minimum Spanning Trees, Set Cover
  3. Network Flows: Maximum Flow, Minimum Cost Flow, Assignment
  4. Matchings: Blossom Algorithm
  5. Linear Programming: Polyhedra, Simplex
  6. Knapsack: Exact Algorithm, FPTAS
  7. Bin Packing: Hardness, Heuristics, APTAS
  8. Set Cover: Greedy, Primal-Dual, LP-Rounding
  9. Makespan Scheduling: Identical Machines, Unrelated Machines
  10. Satisfiability; LP-Rounding, Randimization, Derandomization


Tue 19.02.20198:15-9:45Introduction
Thu 21.02.20198:15-9:45Greedy
Tue 26.02.20198:15-9:45Greedy
Thu 28.02.20198:15-9:45Greedy
Tue 05.03.20198:15-9:45Network Flows
Thu 07.03.20198:15-9:45Exercise 1
Tue 12.03.20198:15-9:45Network Flows
Thu 14.03.20198:15-9:45Network Flows
Tue 19.03.20198:15-9:45Matchings
Thu 21.03.20198:15-9:45Exercise 2
Tue 26.03.20198:15-9:45Matchings
Thu 28.03.20198:15-9:45Linear Programming
Tue 02.04.20198:15-9:45Knapsack
Thu 04.04.20198:15-9:45Knapsack
Tue 09.04.20198:15-9:45Bin Packing
Thu 11.04.20198:15-9:45Exercise 3
Tue 16.04.20198:15-9:45Bin Packing
Thu 18.04.20198:15-9:45Exercise 4
Tue 30.04.20198:15-9:45Set Cover
Thu 02.05.20198:15-9:45NO CLASS
Tue 07.05.20198:15-9:45Set Cover
Thu 09.05.20198:15-9:45Makespan Scheduling
Tue 14.05.20198:15-9:45Makespan Scheduling
Thu 16.05.20198:15-9:45Exercise 5
Tue 21.05.20198:15-9:45Satisfiability
Thu 23.05.20198:15-9:45Satisfiability
Tue 28.05.20198:15-9:45Satisfiability
Tue 11.06.20198:15-9:45Exam

Vertex Cover Challenge

The problem Vertex Cover is defined as follows:

Given a graph G = (V, E), find a smallest subset C of V, such that each edge of E has at least one end-vertex in C.
This is a classical NP-hard optimization problem.
The organization PACE (Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments) conducts an implementation and experimentation challenge for this problem.
Website: here
Instances: here



Scientific Contributions


We take part in scientific events and contribute actively to the operations research community. If you want to meet us, note the following meetings:

12-16.6.201713th MAPSPSeon (Germany)
6-7.2.2017Gurobi Days Frankfurt (Germany)
8.-12.6.201512th MAPSPLa Roche-en-Ardenne (Belgium)


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