• Algomia

    Algorithms, Data Science, Analytics

  • Algorithms Expertise

    Optimizers, Network Analysis, Information Extraction, Statistics

  • Data Science Experience

    Massive Data, Un-/Semi-/Structured Data, Enterprise Search, Word Tagging

  • Analytics Tools

    Java, Wolfram Mathematica, IBM CPLEX, Solr, MongoDB, and many more

We provide algorithms, data science, and analytics for your business


We offer business optimization with algorithmic methods, ranging from consulting services to system design.


An optimizer is a software that finds a mathematical solution for your planning challenges - fully automatically. We are specialized on constructing and implementing custom-made optimizers.

Information Extraction

Information extraction and content search are the basis for modern business intelligence. We design and implement these systems as individual software.


We have long-term experience in mathematical optimization, algorithm design, data science, analytics, and software engineering.

Research & Teaching

We contribute to the optimization community, by conference participation and by teaching algorithmic topics on a regular basis at the University of Zurich.


Decision Support Systems

An optimizer is a system that takes your planning challenge as input and finds a solution for it - mathematically and fully automatically. We are specialized on constructing and implementing custom-made optimizers. Challenge us!

We provide expertise, services, and technology in mathematical business optimization and bring computation to business value.

Do you have a business case with a need for optimization?


Dr. Alexander Souza


Alexander is specialized on algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and programming in Java. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at TU Munich and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Later on, he did his PhD at ETH Zurich and was researcher and assistant professor at the University of Freiburg and Humboldt University Berlin. Afterwards, he moved to the economic world, where he built optimizers, decision support systems, and information extraction software. His main projects are in the logistics domain, especially railway optimization, and in the health care sector. He teaches Algorithmics at the University of Zurich.



Bruce is our most loyal homeoffice coworker. Being an English Setter, his responsibilities are in the areas of ornitology (watching birds) and sports (catching ball).


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Algorithms, Data Science, Analytics
Dr. Alexander Offtermatt Souza
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